Dental Board says renew registration online and on time

Time to renew your registration, says the Dental Board.

Dental practitioners across Australia are reminded that their registration is due for renewal by 30 November.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is sending a series of emails to dental practitioners, for whom an email address is known, reminding them to renew their registration with the Dental Board of Australia.

Board Chair Dr John Lockwood AM urged the more than 18,800 dental practitioners due to renew their registration to do so online and on time.

“The quickest and easiest way to renew registration is online, with more than 80 per cent of dental practitioners using this secure service last year,” Dr Lockwood said.

“Dental practitioners should check that their contact email details are up to date so they receive renewal reminders from AHPRA. These reminders are confirmation that online renewal is open.”

To update your contact details held by AHPRA, go online at, click online services, use your unique contact number (User ID) and follow the prompts. Your User ID, included in AHPRA correspondence to practitioners, is not your registration number.

If you do not have your User ID, complete an online enquiry form, selecting ‘User ID’ as the category of enquiry or by calling 1300 419 495.

Dr Lockwood said dental practitioners who do not want to renew their registration can simply ignore the reminders from AHPRA or go online to ‘opt out’ of renewing.

This new online facility will provide the Board and AHPRA with better data on the number of dental practitioners who choose to opt out of renewing their registration, to distinguish them from individuals who intend to renew, but do not do so on time. Using the ‘opt out’ service puts a stop to renewal reminders.

Dr Lockwood reminded the profession they risked not being able to work if they did not renew on time in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme).

Under the National Law, practitioners who do not renew registration within one month of their registration expiry date must be removed from the National Register of Practitioners. Their registration will lapse and they will not be able to practise dentistry in Australia until a new application for registration is approved.

“Neither the Board nor AHPRA have any discretion about this so our advice is clear: renew online and on time,” Dr Lockwood said.


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