Dental Ceramic Powder Mixing Deck

mixing deck

“Introducing the next generation Focus 8” Dental Ceramic Powder Mixing Deck from Bite Lab. Developed by industry leader Dr. Clarence Tam, Bite Lab’s Focus 8” Mixing Deck is the revolutionary next-gen innovation to improve ergonomics and to help define your signature porcelain veneer and microlayering work. It features a sustainable design with a novel rotational surface and is constructed of solid anodized aluminum, a weight of approximately 2kg per unit. Ceramic opinion leaders from Australia and New Zealand helped to refine the final design.

The Bite Lab Mixing Deck provides an eight-inch working rotating surface which is an industry-leading working surface area by metric space. So what are you waiting for? Stay at the top of your game, define your smile, and order one now at or contact us for more information at

It’s the Mixing Deck you’ve always dreamed of, and one that will extend your working life and accentuate your results. 

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