Dental Corporation embraces safety and quality accreditation

This gets accredited too.
This gets accredited too.

Dental Corporation has launched a group-wide accreditation program, seeing the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standard rolled out to its 190+ practices across Australia and New Zealand. In this bold new initiative, the group-wide accreditation will see Dental Corporation be one of the first dental corporates and certainly the largest to facilitate accreditation, ensuring the best possible service is provided to their patients.

While the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) have been working with individual practices to accredit them for some time, Dental Corporation is the largest group to take on the challenge. Dental Corporation executives have been working with the ADA  and QIP to determine the best process to facilitate a high-quality and guided approach for our practices to achieve accreditation.

Dr Stephen Clark, CEO QIP, says that QIP fully supports Dental Corporation’s decision to execute the national practice accreditation standards across the group.

“We have been working closely with Dental Corporation to ensure the standards are rolled out systematically and the accreditation criterion is accurately regulated,” Dr Clark said.

“I am confident in Dental Corporation’s ability to apply the standards to its practices and commend the company in its innovation of being the first corporate group to implement the NSQHS Standard.”

Practice accreditation is achieved by submitting evidence covering best practice protocols such as workplace health and safety, infection control and patient records processes, which is independently assessed against the NSQHS Standards.

Gordon Towell, Dental Corporation Director – Strategy and Development, says that Dental Practice Accreditation is an important step in ensuring Dental Corporation’s practices stay on the forefront of patient care and are committed to safety in the practice.

“We have recognised the continued changes within the industry and we will implement the practice accreditation process supporting our practices to meet the NSQHS Standards.

“At present these Standards and the requirement for practices to achieve accreditation remain voluntary but we believe there is a very high likelihood that Australia will follow many other countries and move to compulsory accreditation in the foreseeable future,” Mr Towell said.

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