Dental equipment finance: A seamless way to invest, grow and expand your practice


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dental equipment finance

Ensuring your dental equipment is the best available can give your practice a leading edge, and Avant Financial Services makes upgrading your equipment easy with fast, efficient equipment finance. 

To say that dentists have made a significant investment in their personal skills and education is a massive understatement. Every dental practitioner knows all too well the time, cost and effort it takes to achieve their career goals. 

However, the investment doesn’t stop there. As technology advances, dental practices need to continually invest in the latest equipment. 

Jeremy Stagg, Head of Avant Financial Services, SA, explains, “We know from our conversations with dentists that investing in practice equipment achieves two important goals. 

“Firstly, it allows dentists to provide the very best health care possible, and secondly, it generates additional income as patients, understandably, want to be treated at a practice where they will be supported by the latest technology.” 

The upshot, according to Jeremy, is that investing in dental equipment allows a dentist to be the best practitioner possible while giving their business a competitive advantage. 

Fast-tracked equipment finance for time-poor dentists 

The downside of investing in dental equipment has traditionally been the time taken to apply for, organise, and secure finance. 

“It’s still common for banks to have a drawn out application process – where dentists are expected to fill out reams of paperwork, provide financial statements, and wait patiently through an often protracted approval period,” says Jeremy. 

“It’s stressful for time-poor dentists, and it simply doesn’t make sense. 

“At Avant, we realise that a dentist who invests in practice equipment is also investing in their income earning capability. That’s why we offer streamlined equipment finance,” Jeremy explains. 

Equipment finance in as fast as one business day 

Avant has done away with lengthy forms and fast-tracked the approval process for dental equipment finance. Importantly, no financial statements are required up to a predetermined limit.  Jeremy Stagg explains the steps involved. 

“It starts with a phone call. We help dentists fill in a basic online form. That typically takes just a few minutes. Avant checks a dentist’s dental registration details, and from there we’ll have a chat with the dentist’s tax adviser to work out the most tax-effective lending structure.

“The whole process – from the initial conversation with Avant through to paying a supplier for a piece of dental equipment, may be as fast as one business day,” says Jeremy. 

A fast process lets dentists leverage savings 

The speed and ease of Avant’s equipment finance really sets us apart. 

“It’s very much about the process,” notes Jeremy. “We want it to be as seamless as possible for dentists – and we recognise that the purchase of equipment strengthens a dentist’s practice. Avant understands that it is in a dentist’s best interests to invest in new equipment.” 

A swift process doesn’t just allow dentists to equip their practice with the latest technology. It also offers opportunities for dentists to leverage concessional prices that may be available for limited periods such as at the end of the calendar year or financial year.  

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