Dental hygiene habits of Australians revealed in survey

dental hygiene habits
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A new report by the Australian Dental Association shows that three-quarters of Australians never floss their teeth, while one in five brush only once a day. Meanwhile, just two-thirds of Australians visit their dentist when there’s a problem.

This data from the ADA’s annual survey of 25,000 Australians’ dental hygiene habits was released to highlight the vital link between what happens in the mouth and its effect on the rest of the body.

Failing to floss and brush enough is putting those Aussies on a fast track to poor oral health which, if left untreated, can contribute to the development of serious health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, or even a stroke.

“A large number of people feel that they don’t need or want to brush their teeth more often,” ADA president Dr Stephen Liew said.

“Twenty nine per cent of people say brushing their teeth causes pain and therefore avoid it, which is concerning as this may indicate an underlying problem and actually make that problem worse.”

It’s not all bad news however, with 53 per cent of us brushing the recommended twice a day; and the majority (92 per cent) using fluoride toothpaste.

This story was sourced from the SBS News website.

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