Dental practitioners urged to check registration expiry date

Is she registered?

The Dental Board of Australia today urged dental practitioners across all states and territories to check their registration expiry date and renew on time as many are due to renew by 30 June 2011—their first time under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

Board Chair Dr John Lockwood said this was particularly important for dentists with a principal place of practice in ACT, New South Wales or South Australia. Practitioners can check their registration expiry date on the National Register of Dental Practitioners, published online at The best way to search the Register is by name and profession.

Dental practitioners who are due to renew by 30 June 2011 are reminded that they will need to renew their registration again by 30 November 2011. This will align all dental practitioners to the national renewal date of 30 November each year.

Dr Lockwood encouraged dental practitioners whose registration expires on 30 June 2011 to renew on time and online.

“In the National Scheme, individual practitioners are responsible for renewing their registration on time. The job of the Dental Board of Australia—with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)—is to make this as simple and straightforward as possible,” he said.

Dr Lockwood said AHPRA was implementing an intensive communication campaign to support the renewal process. This will include sending several reminder emails and letters to individual dental practitioners. He encouraged practitioners to provide AHPRA with their email address to allow for easy and efficient direct communication with them.

Dr Lockwood reminded dental practitioners that there were significant consequences for individual practitioners who do not renew on time in the National Scheme.

Under the National Law, dental practitioners who do not renew registration within one month of their registration expiry date must be removed from the National Register of Dental Practitioners. Their registration will lapse and they will not be able to practise dentistry in Australia until a new application for registration is approved.

“Neither the Board nor AHPRA have any discretion about this so our advice is clear: renew on time and online,” Dr Lockwood said.

Dental practitioners can check that their application has been received at the Board’s website at For more information go to


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  1. Such good advice! Can you imagine letting it expire? I feel like that’s an invitation for law suits and fines. You have to be really careful when you are in charge of someone’s health, whether that’s a dentist or doctor or nurse!


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