DentalMonitoring News: introducing a new app for your practice

DentalMonitoring’s Practice app

DentalMonitoring’s software solutions lead the dental and orthodontic industry by leveraging artificial intelligence to transform patient care and practice productivity. Now, the company is introducing a new Practice mobile application enabling doctors and dental staff to monitor patients remotely with even greater convenience and flexibility. 

The DentalMonitoring solution started with a dashboard, Patient app and a data analysis platform. Paired with the ScanBoxpro, they allow for detection of more than 130 intraoral events via AI-powered scans, automation of patient messages and delivery of provider-defined treatment protocols. 

The solution now goes one step further with the launch of a dedicated Practice app built for both Apple and Android smartphones. DentalMonitoring’s Practice app contains essential elements of the dashboard for remotely monitoring existing patients and allows more control over remote monitoring for doctors and dental staff. The app allows users to review and compare scans, access patient charts, send annotated photos and direct patient messages all from a smartphone. 

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