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Dentaportby Dr Koe Ean Ong, Laser Dentistry, Casuarina, NT

I use the DentaPort ZX for all my endo work. I have always liked Morita endodontic systems and have probably been through two or three different versions of the Dentaport over the years. I’m very happy with the unit I have now. It has solved a lot of my endo problems.

What’s good about it

This powerful endodontic unit comes with an attached apex locator. It’s such an accurate piece of equipment that only limited radiographs are required for working length determination. When I do take an X-ray, it’s just to ensure that everything is right. The DentaPort ZX has never let me down.

When dealing with a highly calcified root canal, the apex locator function is very useful as a search tool. It will help you find and penetrate any highly calcified canals.

A big advantage of the DentaPort ZX is that any brand of files will fit the handpiece. It’s not brand specific like a lot of other models and there’s no need to buy-in to the manufacturer’s files.

There’s also an optional parallel beam curing light that can be added to the DentaPort ZX. I haven’t taken this option yet, but I am seriously considering it.

A small negative with an earlier model was that in order to get a reading, the apex locator required an external electrode connected to the file. That issue has been resolved with the Dentaport ZX OTR. It’s nice to know that Morita listens to what dentists say and improves the product accordingly.

What’s not so good

Sometimes you get a false positive reading. Fortunately, if you have done plenty of endodontics, it’s very obvious when a false positive occurs. This tends to happen when the pulp chamber is flooded, so it’s important to ensure they are completely dry.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

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