Dentist Sharon Richardson wins award for oral health


Dentist Sharon Richardson wins award for oral healthDental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) recognised dental therapist Sharon Richardson, presenting her with the 2015 Star of Dentistry Award for going above and beyond in her service to public oral health.

Ms Richardson, who has been in public dentistry for more than 32 years, is a dental therapist at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and EACH Social and Community Health.

“Sharon has a 100% orthodontic referral acceptance, she has shared her knowledge of DHSV services to the team at EACH which, in turn, has expanded skills and knowledge—particularly in the referrals,’’ DHSV chief executive, Dr Deborah Cole said.

Criteria for the award includes the degree to which a recipient’s individual performance has helped to improve patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes.

“Sharon’s extended scope of practice has enabled her to be fully utilised at both sites. The clients have nothing but praise for both her clinical and professional expertise. This is evident in the many expressions of praise from patients,” explained Dr Cole.

Ms Richardson’s unique style of dentistry allows her to usually treat children in the chair, meaning they receive treatment more quickly and alleviating risks to their health. This form of treatment also means they generally don’t require a general anaesthetic, which is better for both the patient and the public health sector’s waiting lists.

“Sharon’s excellent clinical and communication skills are invaluable with our refugee children; she is extremely patient, compassionate and professional with them,” continued Dr Cole.

“Sharon loves her work, patients and sees her future in public dentistry. Sharon truly is a ‘star’ in the eyes of her co-workers, patients and the public system.”




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