Dentists back government ban on over-the-counter vapes 

government ban over-the-counter vapes
Disposable vapes. Photo: mrwed54 123rf

The Australian Dental Association has announced it supports sweeping new changes to vaping laws that will see an end to over-the-counter sales of non-prescription vapes.

The Health Minster Mark Butler recently announced a major crackdown on flavoured vapes by the Federal Government. He also announced there would be a reduction in the amount of tobacco used in prescription-only products provided through GPs.

One in four people aged 18 to 24 and one in six aged 14 to 17 have vaped, often in primary schools, with some schools now installing vape detectors in bathrooms. The NSW Government also announced it would put vape detectors in 40,000 school toilets.

The moves are, in part, aimed at shutting down the harmful black market trade in the recreational use of the devices. 

“Apart from the effects on general health, the use of vapes is setting the next generation up for a raft of oral health issues, some of which are shown to be more detrimental to mouth health than years of smoking,” ADA president Dr Stephen Liew said.

Effects on oral health include an increased level of carcinogens in the saliva of e-cigarette users, as well as concerning oral lesions and a range of other oral health issues including increased risk of dental decay and gum disease.

Vaping and its effects on oral health is a key topic at the upcoming international World Dental Congress, hosted by the ADA at the International Convention Centre in September. 

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