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dentureLANGby Dr Anthony Mak, W Dental, Woollahra, NSW

This simple flask allows us to fabricate duplicates of existing dentures to create new dentures or surgical and radiographic guides. Traditionally, dentures had to be sent to the lab to have a copy made. This duplication flask simplifies what can sometimes be a cumbersome and inaccurate process.

What’s good about it

If a patient is happy with the shape, the look or the fit of their dentures, we are able to make an accurate guide copy with the duplicator flask. Our technician can pour up the impression so it produces a guide showing the position and shape of the teeth, and the shape of the denture.

When patients decide to have a denture supported by implants, the flask can be used to make a radiographic guide for those implants. We immerse the denture into the duplication flask, make a mould and pour radiographic acrylic into the space. This is a quick process and can be completed while the patient is sitting in the chair.

The advantages of this flask are many. It’s a simple, inexpensive product that saves time and unnecessary laboratory costs. It’s accurate for chair or surgery use and only one appointment is needed. It works equally well fabricating dentures or creating radiographic guides.

The flask successfully turns the long process of denture fabrication into a quick procedure completed in one visit.

What’s not so good

It would be great if the flasks came in different sizes. This would minimise excessive impression material use.

Where did you get it

Ultimate Dental.

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