New diagnostic liquid shows pre-cavity decay


diagnostic liquid uncovers decay on X-raysA new solution discovered at Creighton University School of Dentistry could put an end to the drilling needed to check for dental decay. The solution is applied to teeth before an X-ray and allows dentists to see whether cavitated decay has set in or if the tooth is pre-cavity.

The diagnostic liquid, created by Dr Douglas Benn, will also allow dentists to halt decay at an early stage through a new topical product using this early discovery method. These new forms of treatment and diagnosis are set to change the shape of dealing with dental decay. Patients will no longer have to undergo painful drilling methods or anaesthesia.

“Most dentists see decay and they go to the drill and the filling,” said Benn. “Once a tooth is filled, it leads to a repair-destruction cycle for the rest of the patient’s life.”

More research is needed, but the liquid is set to have a big impact—not only in minimising drilling, but for other early infection diagnoses.



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