Diplomat Connected Dental Chair 

Diplomat Dental Chair

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The Diplomat Dental Chair is a revolutionary product that continues to be an integral part of dental spaces globally. It is no ordinary dental chair, it’s your assistant while serving your patients. Your best shot to turn dentistry from ordinary to extraordinary. Diplomat Dental is a holistic package deal of advanced ergonomic features, convertibility, stability, and compatibility. 

All Comfort, No Effort

Sometimes calming your nervous patients can be taxing. Acknowledging this fact, our dental chair is designed to provide maximum comfort to your patients. The seat offers customisable positions and instrument parameters for every occupant. How? With a gentle touch of your finger, you can control all the inclination settings, both for the seat and backrest from your tablet. Yes, it’s that easy.

Advanced Automated Controls

No wonder, medicine and technology go hand in hand, and Diplomat Dental is the perfect example. You can literally operate the dental chair with your tablet. All you need to do is download the Diplomat Connect app on your tablet, connect the chair and Voila! You can now make a preventive appointment, prepare white filling, convert the configuration, or change the inclination of the seat and backrest, all from your tablet. Even odd jobs like bowl rotation, cup filling and bowl rinsing can be easily managed through the device. The cherry on the cake is it also notifies you of potential errors. These errors can be automated for your technicians to resolve in no time.

Designed to perfection

The Diplomat Dental chair is designed for occupant comfort. But let’s dive a little deeper. The dental chair has very compact dimensions, which makes it a perfect fit for small surgery rooms. The robust body is layered with UV resistant paint. It has an articulate and foldable armrest, multi-functional and programmable foot, controller, and a 3-D headrest with manual and pneumatic adjustment. The Dental unit is equipped with a movable bowl that provides an ideal rotation up to 120 degrees to the patient and out. 

Left-hand friendly

Finding the right equipment set for a left-handed person can feel like an ordeal.  With the Diplomat Dental Chair, you can say goodbye forever to all these clumsy and confounding chores.

You can switch the configuration, instrument panels and trays to the likes of your dominant hand. Sounds like a lot of hassle to change the whole structure of the chair, but paradoxically it’s just a matter of a few seconds. 

Butter-smooth workflow

Every operation, every dentist and every surgery are different, so are their requirements. No matter what your requirements are, you can count on the Diplomat Dental Unit. 

Installation and Servicing by William Green

A smooth Installation by expert service technicians from Authorised Australian Distributor William Green Pty. Ltd. backed up by customer focused service.  Avoid unnecessary service call out fees with remote diagnostics making it possible to fix the issue remotely or if that’s not possible a prepared technician coming in to solve a pre-diagnosed problem saving you precious chairside time. You focus on the dentistry and let us worry about the chair. 

Upgrade your chair and downgrade your stress! 

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