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ultimate frisbee

A friendly competition soon became serious when Dr Elmer Lee of Leeming Dental Centre in WA started playing ultimate frisbee.

“A couple of years ago, I was looking for a sport I could play with my friends. Ultimate frisbee peaked everyone’s interest. The great Aggressive Salmon team was born, and we wore pink salmon shirts to complement our attitude.

“Ultimate frisbee is like a cross between netball and AFL. The aim of the game is to fly the frisbee to your teammates until one of them catches it in the end zone to score a point. The person who has possession of the frisbee has to stand still until they throw it. If anyone drops the disc it’s automatically turned over to the other team. 

“You need a minimum of seven people to form a team but it’s always a good idea to have a few subs on the bench. We played in a mixed-sex team and our numbers varied from game to game depending on how many friends we could pull into the sport. I played a couple of full games without subs and was exhausted at the end.

“There’s a real skill to throwing a frisbee that can be learned but it takes practice. It can be thrown in multiple different ways but forehand or backhand are most predictable and effective at a beginner level. The disc needs to spin at a very high speed in order to gain distance. There’s even a hammer throw where you throw the disc over your head and it rotates back into its usual flying position. 

“We claimed to be playing for fun but it soon became semi-competitive. Some of us even trained outside of game days. One season we came second in the league and that taste of victory really spurred us on. I think when you love the game, you want to be better, and competitiveness comes naturally.

“Ultimate frisbee is a great team sport that gives you a really good workout. I don’t think I’ve ever been as fit as when I was playing. It’s a non-contact game that’s perfect when you have a mixed team, and there are minimal injuries.

“When COVID happened we had to stop playing. It’s been 18 months but I’m determined to get the team back together at some point. We shared some great moments and I would love to continue the great Salmon legacy.” 

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