Don’t miss the low hanging fruit! Email marketing delivers ROI

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So much dental practice marketing these days focusses on attracting new patients. Experts bombard you with pitches on how to use Google AdWords, ensure your practice’s website is SEO optimised and other strategies around traditional adverting—all focussed on bringing in new patients via traditional local advertising.

You are sitting on a goldmine!

If you only focus on bringing in new patients, you’re missing out on the easiest way to grow your bottom line. Your current patient database is a goldmine of opportunity and one that’s very cheap to market to compared to the cost of acquiring new customers. The goldmine is your patients’ email addresses.

Step one.

If you don’t have your patients’ email addresses, make it a priority to capture them. Add this as a field to your new patient forms. Train your front desk team to update current patients records with email address every time patients visit. If you only have phone numbers, it’s worth calling to get that email address. Note: It’s essential that when you capture the email addresses, you get your patients consent to send them emails. 

What to send?

While some practices do communicate with patients through maintenance appointment reminders, that tends to be about it for the majority. Let’s explore how to you engage your current patients more often and in a way that adds to their relationship with you. If you only email them transactional content, reminders to come in, special offers on whitening and those types of emails, then you’re only asking for their time and money. You need to give a little!

Current advice from email marketing experts is that you need to send four pieces of valuable content for every sales content piece.

How to create valuable content?

Creating quality content is hard. And most dental professionals aren’t copywriters or journalists!

We have been working with dental practices for nearly ten years and have developed a way to get the very best content for your practice. Content needs to be unique, and it needs to be genuine. 

In our model, we work with you to develop a set of topics to cover and then one of our qualified journalists interviews you for about 45 mins. That’s it. You’re done.

Our team of crack writers then works the content from the interview into twelve beautifully expressed, grammatically checked, SEO friendly posts written in your unique voice.

From there, you can put those posts up on your blog on your website and send a few of them at a time out as an email newsletter to your patient database. Patients will feel valued, and the majority will be glad you engaged them with more than another request for them to spend money.

More touchpoints = more business

By emailing your patients, even just once every three months, you are dramatically increasing the number of times your practice is front of mind. You’ll be surprised the number of times we hear that a patient who didn’t even open the email, was prompted to make an appointment. 

“That’s right; I have been meaning to take the kids in and ask about X”.

“I really should get that chip on my molar seen to”. 

That content feeds not just your emails.

Regularly updating your website with unique, quality content is going to help your search engine rankings. You can post links to the blog posts on your social media channels and bring patients to your site where they are more likely to do business with you than on Facebook or Instagram.

We’ve got the tools for success

  • If you need imagery to go with your posts.
  •  If you need help posting the content to your blog (or don’t’ yet have a blog);
  •  If you need a solution to broadcast beautifully design email newsletters;
  •  If you need a digital sign up form for your website or an iPad in the practice;
  •  Whatever hurdle you might have;
  • We’ve got a solution ready to deploy  .

Find out more about how our team can help you grab that low hanging fruit. Get in contact with us today via our website at or send us an email at

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