Dürr Dental Hygoclave now available

Dürr Dental Hygoclave

A-dec Australia is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dürr Dental and the introduction of the Hygoclave steriliser into the Australian market. 

The Hygoclave can process dental instruments in as little as 30 minutes, including drying using the ‘B’ Flash cycle with minimal water and power use. Drying time can be extended or run as a separate program to accommodate hard to dry hollow loads.

Simple one-touch controls on the coloured 5” (125mm) touch screen can commence a sterilisation cycle or produce a batch report. A compact printer for producing barcode labels and batch reports is also available.

The intuitive layout of the icon-based user interface with its colour touchscreen display means there is no need to go deep into menus, as all the key functions you need for your day-to-day work are just a matter of clicks away. 

The Hygoclave has a dedicated interface for connection to practice management and hygiene management software, as well as internal storage capacity for over 100,000 reports which are captured automatically.

An automated door locking mechanism and integrated user management system guarantees secure and easy workflows, and the system offers a carefully designed universal program to ensure reliable reprocessing of even complex, hollow shapes.

Dürr Dental Hygoclave

Hygoclave has extremely flexible water supply options, making it easy to adapt to any practice. As an added safeguard, a water quality tester is built into the unit. 

Hygoclave is manufactured from quality stainless steel and special high temperature and ionised water-resistant plastics and is available with either a 17L or 22L chamber to suit the needs and throughput of the practice. 

For more information call A-dec toll free on 1800 225 010 for your nearest dealer.

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