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GO2 dental products

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Launched in the Australian market only 18 months ago, GO2 Dentagenie, through its innovative EARTH LOVIN’ oral care range, is improving and simplifying the daily oral care routine for everyone.

We aim to get more people flossing by introducing GO2 to the 90% of people not flossing regularly. Increasing the participation rate benefits users’ oral health and improves their overall well-being.

GO2 products are easy to purchase and use, with most major retailers throughout Australia offering a wide range of products to meet consumer demand.

GO2 dental products

GO2 Flosspyx range – minty flavoured

  •  Fine – for tight teeth
  •  Double – twice the clean
  •  Smooth – gentle floss tape
  •  Molar – reaches back teeth
  •  Silver – Australia’s first ANTIBACTERIAL flosspyx

GO2 Dental Brush Range

Interdental brushes with soft wire-coated bristles to clean between teeth. Gentle to protect but firm enough to do the job. Sizing is simple – Super Tight, Tight, Moderate,  Wide and Super Wide… can’t be easier!

GO2 Dentagenie Softstx

Two ways to clean – one end has super soft mint infused flexible bristles, and the other is a textured toothpick in a hygienic dispenser.

GO2 Kiddo Flossers

GO2 Kiddo Flossers have a “berry awesome flavour” and “jumbo” grip. Let’s encourage good oral care habits early. GET EM’ FLOSSIN’.

GO2 Tongue Cleaners for adults and kids

  •  GO2 Tongue Cleaner is disposable and hygienic, ensuring your tongue is always clean and fresh.
  •  GO2 Kiddo Tongue cleaner is also disposable with a chunky grip, making it easier for kids to hold and control. No fold back pick!

GO2 Water Flosser

Powerful & portable clean. Microbubbles flush plaque and bacteria from between teeth and along the gum line. Waterproof.

GO2 Sonic Cleaner

Chemical-free cleaning of oral care appliances with high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. Quickly and effectively cleans aligners, retainers, dentures, mouthguards and sports guards.

GO2 products are developed to offer unique solutions to meet the consumers’ needs. The functionality of the products offers options to customers who had very little variety to choose from in the past. Oral care is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Pack design and feel are powerfully bright with clear, simple messaging that’s easy to identify with large font and clearly shows the contents and their purpose.

Addressing Sustainability

GO2 Dentagenie acknowledges we can’t “save the world alone”, so we invites users to live by our mantra,  Earth Lovin’.

We aim to be simply better – using paper-based packaging instead of 100% plastic bags and post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. PCR is plastic that has previously been made into a product, used, thrown away, cleaned, re-processed and remade into something new. Products made from PCR close the loop, diverting plastic products from landfills and instead allowing them to be recycled (in its truest sense) into something else.

The Dental Brush range is plant-based and made from a proprietary blend of corn starch and plastic. GO2 products range in price from $5.95 to $69.95. They all deliver high quality and great value.  

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