Effortless Chairside Printing

dental chairside printing
HeyGears UltraCraft ChairSide Pro, SPR and AirCure

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HeyGears Desktop ChairSide Pro 3D Printer in Focus

To meet the rising need for smarter digital dentistry production, the HeyGears UltraCraft ChairSide Pro system provides a comprehensive solution for efficient desktop small-batch production of a variety of different dental applications. Offering a user-friendly approach to in-house dental 3D printing, this system integrates innovative features to ensure stable and consistent printing results. Featuring high-speed printing with precision and accuracy, it supports the 3D printing of over 50 types of dental applications including surgical guides, crowns, bridges, implants, and many more.

Using the all-in-one HeyGears Cloud platform, each step, from pre-processing, to printing, to post-processing, is seamless and streamlined. To improve workflows further, the UltraCraft SPR (Smart Part Remover) provides swift and effortless part removal for each completed print job. The printed parts can be automatically detached from the platform at the push of a button, eliminating the need for manual removal.

The UltraCraft AirCure curing machine serves as the final step in chairside production, boasting a compact footprint and minimal power consumption. By seamlessly interconnecting the process with the UltraCraft ChairSide Pro through HeyGears Cloud connectivity, the optimized final curing process can be initiated with just a single click, minimizing wait times while maximizing the quality of the final output.

Dr. Andrew Ip, Chief Dentist & 3D Printing Professional Consultant at AI 3D Printing Orthodontic & Implant Services, a long-term user of the ChairSide Pro, has provided these comments on his experience with HeyGears’ desktop digital dentistry solution: “I found the ChairSide Pro to be well-engineered, consistent and reliable. The nesting process was very straightforward and the final prints were really nice! It was a pretty easy set up too.” Such endorsements reinforce the trust and effectiveness of the ChairSide Pro in delivering exceptional results within the dynamic landscape of modern dentistry.

dental chairside printing
Dr Andrew Ip with ChairSide and ChairSide Pro

The HeyGears UltraCraft ChairSide Pro transforms chairside production with its precise and reliable performance across a spectrum of dental applications, achieved through seamless integration of advanced features. Positioned to adapt to the evolving industry landscape, the HeyGears UltraCraft ChairSide Pro is poised to empower practices with effortless chairside printing and deliver exceptional results.

HeyGears was founded in 2015 as an innovation-driven company devoted to providing digital manufacturing solutions across various industries. The company’s focus is 3D printing, software development, materials, and big-data handling. HeyGears believes in a product development process that is strongly anchored in vertical applications, with a vision that surpasses conventional 3D printing technology. The company endeavors to craft vertically integrated solutions encompassing hardware, software, materials, and service platforms, thereby introducing cutting-edge technology into everyday routines.  

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