EndoREZ and NaviTips


EndoRez300EndoREZ and NaviTips by Dr Jason Gunasekera, Dentics by Jason, Castle Hill, NSW.

This is a resin-based root-canal sealer and one of the best products I’ve used.

What’s good about it: The resin is hydrophilic so it likes slightly moist canals. It is drawn into any accessory canals and you get a fantastic seal. It’s delivered through NaviTips which are very small cannulas that are fine enough to reach the end of a root canal. The EndoREZ can be polymerised with a curing light and restored immediately. There is no need to wait for it to set or place a temporary filling. The resin is quite liquid and surprisingly easy to extrude through the small tip. It flows and fills the entire root canal completely and without any air pockets. I show patients the seal on the X-ray afterwards and they are very happy. I’ve been using this system for the past two years on all my root canals. It is an absolutely fantastic product.

What’s not so good: There is quite a large hydrostatic force when extruding the sealer through such a small cannula. It is important to start two or three millimetres away from the apex because if you put the Navitip right down to the apex and start injecting, there’s a good chance of some paste extrusion into the periapical tissue underneath the tooth.

Where did you get it? Gunz Dental.

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