Enova Iris S-100 LED headlight


Enova-Iris-Sby Dr Jesse Wright, Drummoyne Dental Practice, Drummoyne, NSW

I purchased my first headlight about five years ago. Unfortunately, it was a cheaper model and it broke about six months later. During that time, I had become used to using a headlight so I decided to invest in a higher quality model. I ended up choosing the Enova Iris S-100 and I have been very happy with it ever since.

What’s good about it?

Oral surgery and endodontic procedures can be difficult with a standard overhead light as it doesn’t always provide enough illumination. Having a bright focused beam of light in your direct line of vision is extremely helpful. I use my headlight on a daily basis and for practically all procedures now.

This particular model has a light output from 50k to 100k lux so it’s quite bright. The head strap is padded, lightweight and comfortable. It’s not heavy and I don’t have any issues after wearing it for an entire work day. The light is battery-powered and comes with a belt pack. There are two different sizes of batteries available but I purchased the larger one that lasts for about 24 hours of continuous use. I turn the light on and off throughout the day so it only needs to charged about once a week.

It has a quick disconnect so if the wire gets caught on anything, it will release without the light being ripped off your head.

I’ve owned this headlight for about four years and in that time I’ve had one issue with a faulty battery pack. Endovison, the Australian distributor, was great and swapped it for a new one with no questions asked.

What’s not so good?

The aperture is not adjustable so it projects a fixed sized square of light. However, I believe there’s a newer model [Enova XLT-125] that does have this feature.

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