Ensuring Continuous Protection: The Efficacy of Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets in Dental Practice Safety

antifoaming disinfectant tablets dental

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Understanding the capabilities of your dental equipment disinfectant is pivotal for dental care professionals. This knowledge ensures not only the equipment’s longevity but also plays a critical role in infection control and maintaining the safety of both staff and patients.

While our Magnolia PULI-JET Gentle 2.0 non-foaming dental suction disinfectant is highly effective, we also recognise the challenges posed by foam produced during certain dental procedures. Thus, we offer the Magnolia Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets—a complementary product designed to tackle foam while ensuring continuous disinfection.

Foam Management: Ensuring Suction System Integrity

In the dental care environment, the functionality and reliability of plant room equipment, especially the dental suction system, are paramount. Foam generated through dental procedures pose a significant threat to the operational integrity of these systems. Proper management of foam is not merely about maintenance; it’s a preventive measure against system failure. This could disrupt dental services, affecting patient care quality. Therefore, managing foam is essential for safeguarding the most critical components of your dental

Dual-Purpose Solution: Foam Management and Continuous Disinfection

Magnolia Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets are engineered to fulfill two essential functions:

  1. Foam management from certain dental procedures; and
  2. continuous disinfection of the suction lines and system.
antifoaming disinfectant tablets dental

Foam Management

The function of Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets is to manage the foam that can occur through certain dental procedures. For example, surgical treatments that have a large amount of dense liquids such as blood, mucus and thick saliva need to be thinned down, as thick liquids in the centrifuge tend to cause foaming. This scenario can be likened to a washing machine where once foam is generated to an
excessive level, it overwhelms the system, hindering its functionality.

Because foam is full of air, it cannot be separated inside the centrifugal separator, hence can potentially be pulled into the suction motors (especially in suction systems that don’t have built-in protection measures to manage this). This poses a risk of damaging the suction motor which is designed to always remain dry. The Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets helps the liquids thin down prior to entering the centrifuge, significantly reducing the likelihood of generating foam.

Continuous Slow-Release Disinfection

The second action of our slow-release Anti-foaming Disinfectant Tablets is to significantly reduce the microbial load by continuously disinfecting the suction lines throughout the entire working day. With the dental team performing regular cleaning duties on equipment such as filters and amalgam cups, this is an added layer of protection to safeguard the ongoing health and wellbeing of end-users.

Magnolia Chemical Professionals, by Cattani

It is not often that a company sets up an entirely separate entity dedicated to complementing its original business. At Cattani, we established Magnolia Chemical Professionals, an independent company fully committed to supporting the world-class performance of Cattani dental air technology and protecting its users and patients through infection prevention and control.

Cattani is partnered with a network of trusted distributors who can supply the Magnolia range of products. Visit www.cattani.com.au to find your local dealer.

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