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Proxyt prophy pastes
Designed for an efficient and hygienic performance. 

In the past year, Ivoclar Vivadent presented the latest generation of its Proxyt prophy pastes. An optimised formula is responsible for the improved handling and longer storage period of the pastes as well as shorter cleaning and polishing times compared with the predecessor product. Now the company is introducing Proxyt Single Dose, which is a new delivery form that comprises two paste options for the quick, easy and hygienic treatment of all patients. 

Designed for efficiency

The new Proxyt Single Dose pastes from Ivoclar Vivadent have been developed with the aim of ensuring the efficient and effective cleaning and polishing of natural teeth, dental restorations and implants. The Single Dose cups can be inserted into the corresponding prophy ring with ease. The unique formula and smooth consistency as well as the easy-rinse properties allow plaque and tartar to be removed quickly and effectively and the surfaces to be polished to a high lustre. 

Gentle and effective cleaning and polishing

Customers can choose between two new Proxyt Single Dose paste options: fine and coarse. This helps to avoid unnecessary wear or abrasion of the tooth structure, restorations, implants or other prosthodontic appliances. Proxyt fine is a pumice-free polishing paste that is exceptionally kind to sensitive fillings and tooth structure, such as dentine and dental enamel, as well as the surfaces of high-quality composite resin and ceramic restorations. 

More information is available at Ph (AU): 1300 IVOCLAR, (NZ): 0508 IVOCLAR 

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