Estelite Sigma Quick


by Dr Paul Crichton, Brad Pearce Dental Surgery, Coffs Harbour, NSW

I had been aware of Estelite Sigma for quite a long time but didn’t use it until we received some samples three years ago. I gave it a go and really liked the result. It’s now the resin I use with the majority of my patients.

What’s good about it
The ‘Quick’ version has a shorter setting time. It’s not sticky like a lot of other resins which means its handling characteristics are far superior to anything else I’ve used. It comes in 20 different colour shades but I find I only need to keep about three or four different shades on hand. It has a chameleon effect which allows it to blend in really well with the natural tooth.
A lot of resins require you to be spot-on with their colour or the restoration is extremely obvious. With this product, a shade like A3 can be used with a large range of teeth.
I use Estelite Sigma Quick for anterior and posterior fillings. In fact, I use it for pretty much everything. It’s easy to handle, it cuts curing time by a third, it polishes well giving a natural appearance and, to top everything off, it’s cheaper than most other resins.

What’s not so good
The two biggest problems with resin are manageability and the range of colours that can be supplied. This product solves both those problems so I use it in 99 per cent of cases. Estelite Sigma is a slightly more translucent resin than others so if I come across a really opaque tooth, then I might use a different product. Realistically though, those cases are rare. At the moment, I can’t see myself regularly using anything else.

Where did you get it

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