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Ridge Preservation in General Practice with Dr Wendy Gill

November 14, 2020

Why didn’t you put some bone in when you took my tooth out, Doc?
Post-extraction resorption of the alveolar ridge is a natural phenomenon that significantly reduces bone width and height. 50% or more of the bone width can be lost over the first 12 months of extraction, with a large proportion of this loss occurring during the first 3 months. Loss of bone width and height may make future treatment options such as implants and fixed bridges much more challenging than they need to be.

Research and clinical experience gained over the past 20 years has proven that simple extraction socket management techniques can help preserve the ridge by compensating for the loss of bone that naturally occurs following an extraction.
Dr Wendy Gill will discuss the science of alveolar ridge preservation and present techniques, in a step-by-step fashion, that can be employed to help preserve as much bone and soft tissue as possible. Patient selection, site selection, materials to use, and managing complications will also be addressed.

These are relatively simple techniques that all general practitioners must be aware of and able to offer their patients, regardless of who will be providing future treatment (i.e. implants, fixed bridges, etc.). During the hands-on workshop, you will practice these techniques under the expert guidance of Dr Wendy Gill.

Attendance will be limited to ensure an ideal and COVID-Safe learning experience.

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