Everyone knows that a keyboard and mouse are dirtier than a toilet seat but they’re so hard to sanitise

flat keyboard
This flat keyboard can be easily wiped and cleaned. 

Easy and quick to disinfect, maximum typing comfort

Purekeys medical keyboard combines a completely flat surface with the tactile feedback of a regular keyboard. This flat keyboard can be wiped, cleaned and sprayed with hospital-grade disinfectants and there are no entrances for bacteria to hide. The 100% flat key design still provides the same responsive, tactile feedback of a normal keyboard to give the user the most comfortable typing experience.

This model comes with 2.4GHz wireless technology, providing a reliable connection. The fast and sharp receiver and rapid connectivity as a plug and play with every Window-based PC makes it reliable and durable for consistent use.

With cleaning time less than 5 seconds, best practice to clean between patients can be easily achieved.

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For more info contact Future and Vision Pty Ltd, Suite 4, 143 Peats Ferry Rd, Hornsby, NSW, 2077. Mobile: 0410 693 987, E-mail: info@funvis.com.au 

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