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iTero scanner

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For more than two decades iTero® has led the way in orthodontic and restorative digital workflows. Align Technology’s 2011 acquisition of Cadent as well as the technological advancements including Invisalign® Outcome Simulator, Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI) technology, cloud-based software to remotely monitor treatment, and the more recent acquisition of exocad in 2020 greatly strengthens Align Technology’s leadership in digital workflows. 

The iTero scanner is much more than simply an intraoral scanner for Invisalign treatment. The state-of-the art visualisation from iTero intraoral scanners, enables patients to see what you see when it comes to their care. The iTero Element® platform has digital features to aid in diagnosis, patient communication and education chairside which can be sent directly to the patients email. 

“I use my iTero Element 5D scanner for everything, especially crown and bridge/implant procedures. The ability to be able to scan in minutes and have not only a digital impression (in cloud storage) but an entire diagnostic suite so we can design a treatment plan all with one scan, is mind-blowing” says Dr Rohit Chaturvedi from DB Dental, Claremont.

Launched in 2020, the iTero Element 5D Plus series uses artificial intelligence and contains the iTero scanners’ most powerful computing power to date, enhancing practice productivity with 20% less waiting time for scans to process1. It follows the 2019 released iTero Element 5D technology, the first hybrid dental imaging system (3 in 1 scans platform) utilising 3D scan, intraoral images, and NIRI technology. 

Communicate with your patients in a whole new way

iTero scanner

When patients are chairside and can see what you see they may be more likely to address concerns, undergo treatment, or start taking preventative steps to better care for their oral health. 

The iTero Element 5D imaging system allows the treating clinical team to create an entire diagnostic suite while the patient is in the chair, including: 

  • Diagnostic scans (3 in 1 scans platform). The first integrated dental imaging system that simultaneously aids in detecting proximal caries through NIRI technology²; records 3D impressions, real colour photography, and tracks over time changes in oral health; treatment outcome simulations; patient planning and communication tools. 
  • Artificial intelligence. Simulated treatment outcomes; cleaner scans with excessive noise removed³; faster stitching of data; automated margin marking; improved margin line visualisation; and automatic reminder if a bite relationship is not captured properly. 

Expanding what’s possible for dental practices. 

An iTero scanner in practice allows practitioners to provide a digital treatment solution and a patient experience that is more likely to keep patients coming back. Practitioners can work efficiently and confidently with www.myiTero.com, allowing for export to the CAD software of choice. In ANZ iTero customers’ have the option of 200+ local dental laboratories, making iTero scanners the perfect choice for any workflow, restorative or orthodontic.  

iTero scanner

Schedule an iTero Element 5D Plus demonstration or learn more at iTero.com


1.  On average, with the iTero Plus series as compared to the iTero Element 2 and iTero Element 5D, and based on scan processing time comparison of 40 Invisalign scans and 40 restorative scans with 3 prep teeth processed by the iTero Element2/iTero Element 5D computing units and the iTero Element Plus series computing unit.

2.  iTero Element 5D Plus Lite software configuration excludes NIRI interproximal caries detection aid.

3. Unless otherwise specified, all comparisons are relative to previous generation iTero Element scanners. All comparisons are relative to previous generation iTero Element scanners including but not limited to iTero Element, iTero Element 2, and iTero Element 5D scanners. 

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