Fast, dependable sterilisation with new Hygoclave


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The steriliser or autoclave is often viewed as the most critical piece of infection control equipment in the dental surgery.

It is also one of the hardest working; processing load after load of handpieces and dental instruments. For this reason features like ease of use, reliability and effectiveness are key tenants of any autoclave.

Hygoclave – a new entrant to Australia is poised to make inroads into this space, based on user feedback for its advanced features, pure simplicity and dependability.

While the Hygoclave may be new here, Dürr Dental has a proud 80-year record in developing hygiene and medical technology.

The Hygoclave 40 and Hygoclave 50 models are already well known throughout international markets for their ease of operation and efficiency in the dental practice, thanks to fast operating cycles and flexible drying programs.

Smart cycles

The Hygoclave can process dental instruments in as little as 30 minutes (including drying time) using the ‘B’ Flash cycle – and does so with minimal water and power use.

The ‘B Universal’ sterilisation program ensures reliable reprocessing of even complex, hollow shapes. And being a ‘smart’ machine, drying time is automatically extended according to load size – while additional vacuum cycles can be pre-selected on the Hygoclave 50 to accommodate hard to dry hollow loads.

Feedback from dental practices is that the Hygoclave is a joy to use with next to no training thanks to the intuitive layout of its colour touchscreen display and easy to understand icon-based buttons. Key day-to-day functions are just a simple button-press.

For example, one button-press on the coloured 5” (125mm) touch screen can select the most recently used sterilisation cycle, produce a batch report or initiate a test program directly from the home screen without having to go deep into menus to set parameters.


An automated powered door with locking mechanism and integrated user management system guarantees secure and easy workflows, supporting full traceability back to an operator and cycle.

The Hygoclave has a dedicated interface for practice management and hygiene software, as well as internal storage capacity for a massive 100,000 cycles. It can also produce barcode labels and batch reports on an optional attached printer.

The premium Hygoclave 50 is also ‘future proof’ with an interface for future remote monitoring and operation, including remote cycle history backup and downloading of reports to a user’s PC, together with remote service diagnostics ability which will soon be available to Australian users.

Flexible water supply options

A unique feature of Hygoclave 50 is its extremely flexible water supply options, making it easy to install, as well as its built-in water quality test function with automatic alerts. It can be filled manually via the externally accessible tanks, via a suction system from a canister of treated water, or from a fully automated fresh water supply connected to a water treatment system.

The Hygoclave is manufactured from quality stainless steel and special high temperature and ionised water-resistant plastics for sustained trouble-free operation. It is available with either a 17L or 22L chamber matching the size and throughput of the practice. The product is also easy to maintain and service-friendly due to its intelligent and modular design which has already won a big thumbs up from dental equipment technicians.  

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