FDI calls for global support for Syria and Türkiye after devastating earthquakes

Syria Türkiye earthquakes
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FDI World Dental Federation has expressed its deepest sympathy to the people of Syria and Türkiye affected by the recent devastating earthquakes that have caused widespread damage and loss of life, leaving many people in dire need of assistance. 

In response to this crisis, FDI is asking its members and oral health professionals all around the world to make donations to help mobilise relief efforts for those affected across the region. It is critical to make collective efforts to help Syria and Türkiye in their road to recovery and provide much needed assistance during this difficult time.

“Let us come together and extend our unwavering support for the people of Syria and Türkiye in their hour of need,” FDI president Professor Ihsane Ben Yahya said.

“I strongly urge all FDI Member Associations and oral health professionals globally to lend a helping hand and donate generously. We must be united in our efforts and stand in solidarity with Syria and Türkiye.” 

If you would like to support humanitarian efforts in Syria, you can contact FDI member, the Syrian Dental Association at info@syriadent.org.sy for further information. 

For Türkiye, you can contact FDI member, the Turkish Dental Association (TDA) at tdb@tdb.org.tr.

This article first appeared on the News page on the FDI website.

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