FDI launches new WOHD campaign movie starring Toothie …

WOHD24 Toothie

Ahead of 20 March, FDI World Dental Federation has unveiled the new World Oral Health Day campaign short movie featuring Toothie, FDI’s oral health mascot and the face of the WOHD 2024 campaign, and invites everyone to follow the star’s Instagram debut.

Th year 2024 marks the initial phase of a three-year WOHD campaign spotlighting the diverse aspects of oral health under the theme: ‘A Happy Mouth is…’ 

In its inaugural year, FDI spotlights the intricate connection between oral health and general health, emphasising that ‘A Happy Mouth is…A Happy Body’. 

Dental practitioners are invited to download the one-minute movie, share the campaign video, trailer, and teaser, and spread the word across social media.

To gain more influence and celebrity status, Toothie will assume the role of a full-time oral health influencer by launching an Instagram channel: @ToothieBeaver.

During the campaign, Toothie will also take over FDI’s @worldoralhealthday Instagram channel, offering a unique opportunity to become a global icon for oral health and spark worldwide engagement and participation.

Check out WOHD24 resources at wohd.org/resources.

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