Fitout: Haven for top paediatric care


When one of Sydney’s top paediatric dentists set up a private clinic, he enlisted the help of Dental Fitout Projects and A-dec dealer, Presidental, to come up with the perfect design solution.

Design Brief

Dr Venkatesh Bhardwaj (‘Dr Ven’) of Macarthur Paediatric Dentistry, Camden wanted a relaxing environment for young patients—and equally importantly—their parents. Dental Fitout Projects helped Dr Ven achieve that vision. The company has a reputation of listening very carefully to their clients’ ‘wish list’ and working closely with them and the equipment supplier—in this case, A-dec—to produce amazing results. This includes site assessment, design, procurement and construction, all in a smooth, easy-to-follow format that includes a full set of 2D and 3D construction drawings to bring the whole project to life during the planning phase.

Design Challenge

As a Paediatric specialist, Dr Bhardwaj is skilled at challenging cases, including dealing with children with behavioural problems, anxiety and various disabilities. This required wheelchair access, Nitrous Oxide sedation, a comfortable and accessible patient chair and a remote delivery system supporting four-handed dentistry. “Children often like to jump on chairs and grab things, and some children with special needs can feel ‘boxed in’ by a spittoon and bulky delivery systems. “The A-dec chairs allow us to place the delivery system behind the eye line of patients which is very important when treating anxious children as everything tucked away until needed.” “Dental Fitout Projects were fantastic and really helpful. They covered all the nuts and bolts and came up with exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it,” Dr Ven said.


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