Fotona Fidelis Er:YAG laser


fidelis-er-ii_high_res_PPby Dr Chris Lauf, Smile Central, Aspley, QLD

For a couple of years, my patients were asking, ‘When will the dreaded drill be replaced with laser technology?’ So, I purchased the Fotona Fidelis Er:YAG laser and the patient response has been very positive.

Whats good about it

This laser is the workhorse in my restorative practice. It can prepare the cavity, remove caries, and remove existing tooth-coloured restorations. Using the laser judiciously means that in many cases, one can avoid administering a local anaesthetic. This is greatly appreciated by my patients with a fear of needles. The removal of amalgam restorations still requires the use of a high-speed handpiece.

Patients like it because it does away with the sound and the vibration of the drill. My phobic patients really appreciate having an alternative in the form of the laser. It’s a great practice builder!

The laser allows you to target dental caries selectively. When using a slow-speed round bur in a deep carious lesion, it can be challenging to avoid exposing the pulp. With this laser, you can dial the power right down and be very precise when removing caries. There’s no real heat production and that helps reduce the likelihood of pulpal damage.

An Erbium:YAG is more of a hard tissue laser with some soft tissues uses.

Compared to other lasers I’ve used in the past, the Fidelis is robust, reliable and very powerful. I also utilise the Fotona XD-2 diode laser for minor oral surgery and gingival haemostasis.

Whats not so good

In cases where removal of numerous amalgam restorations is required, there is no substitute for rotary instrumentation. My philosophy is to use the best tool for the job at any given time. I’m not averse to picking up the high-speed if I feel the laser is slowing me down in a particular situation.

Where did you get it

High Tech Laser (

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