Tools of the trade review: Fujitsu ScanSnap IX-500


fujitsu_scansnap_ix500_deluxeby Dr Brett Taylor, Leading Edge Dental, Penshurst, NSW

My long-term goal is to make my practice as paperless as possible. I decided to scan in all my old documents and file them digitally in the patients’ files. This scanner is my workhorse.

What’s good about it

It can scan up to 25 double-sided pages a minute. It has a sensor that won’t allow two pieces of paper to go through at the same time so it never jams. Unusual sized pieces of paper are no problem. You can pile up Eftpos receipts and it will shoot them all through with no trouble. It works seamlessly.

The software turns them all into PDFs with Optical Character Recognition so you can search their contents later. I’ve started putting in all my invoices, business receipts and letters from specialists.

A very cool function is the ability to scan directly to my iPad. I tend to go through magazines and pull out articles I want to read later. I used to have this massive file of reading matter but now I just scan it in and save it wirelessly to my iPad. I can then open the file and read them at my leisure.

What’s not so good

There seems to be a lot of really elegant Mac solutions for the scanner whereas a network environment in a practice needs third-party software applications. It’s still worth the effort but it’s not as simple as it could be.

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