Game Changer… B class Autoclaves at S class Prices. 

Zone Medical has announced that the latest range of Hatmed Autoclaves is ready for distribution around Australia.

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Family Owned, Australian company, Zone Medical have just announced their plans to market directly with their latest range of autoclaves throughout Australia and New Zealand. Who is Zone Medical and what does this mean to you?  

Zone Medical has been successfully importing, wholesaling and supporting Capital Medical Equipment including Autoclaves in Australia & New Zealand for nearly 20 years with over 3,500 units in the market.  


Now, after 3 years of market research and torture testing at more than 100 Dental and Medical Centres around Australia, Zone Medical has announced that the latest range of Hatmed Autoclaves is ready for national market distribution. 

The company’s Director said he “always wanted to work directly with the end user, there are fewer parties involved, simpler supply logistics and we get the customer a great price rather than having it go through many sets of hands. Basically, it’s simpler and cheaper for everyone involved, plus we have more control with the customer satisfaction side of things.” 

Autoclave Manufacturer, Hatmed were established 10 years ago by a chief engineer from a major German autoclave manufacturer to offer the best quality at very affordable pricing. They have since been growing their reputation for performance, reliability, and excellent pricing within the industry on an international level. 

Hatmed use quality components throughout all their products including German Made Speck vac pump, Motorola pressure transducers and Italian water pumps and valves. Even the covers are thick, marine grade stainless steel. Hatmed offer a 2 year / 2000 cycle manufacturer warranty as standard. Spare parts, consumables and maintenance are a fraction of the price of other major competitors which makes the ongoing cost of ownership extremely low. 


The latest range includes 7 Chamber Sizes of Bench Top Units including: 

 High-Speed Atom 5 & 10 Litre Rectangle Chamber with 14 minute B class cycles; 

 The very popular 18 and 23 Litre models; 

 Larger 29, 46 and 55 Litres Round Chambers for Large Capacity high speed requirements.

 Zone Medical have a well-established national network of qualified technicians to help with installation, validation and any ongoing support throughout Australia and New Zealand. To introduce their latest range of Autoclave to the Australasian market Zone Medical is offering an additional $500 discount for the first 50 Hatmed Sterilisers sold. Combine this with the already direct to market price and you’re truly looking a top-quality B class machine for the price of many competitors S class machines.   

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