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designing and equipping your dental practice

Setting up a dental practice is a huge step and a significant investment. It is much more than creating an attractive space. In particular, surgeries must be equipped with reliable and effective dental equipment with inbuilt future upgradability to provide a good long-term return on investment.

That’s where A-dec’s 60 years of experience can help you design and equip your practice for success. Most of A-dec’s experienced Territory Managers and national network of authorised dealers have decades of experience in helping dentists set up ideal practices that function every bit as well as they look.

A-dec’s Territory Managers and dealers work closely with architects and surgery design companies to ensure optimal surgery dimensions and also ensure services are located correctly to permit equipment to be located in a way to operate properly and enable good workflow. They also keep future expansion in mind.

One the space has been secured, the step of purchasing dental equipment is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your practice. The right equipment enables you to deliver your skills as a dental professional, day after day, and year after year.

Choosing the right equipment increases your productivity, supports your physiological wellbeing, and ultimately, your success.

To assist dentists, A-dec has produced a simple, practical booklet titled: What To Look For When Buying Dental Equipment. 

This booklet is designed to guide you in selecting reliable equipment to help you perform healthier, more efficient dentistry – whether you’re making your first dental equipment purchase or your twenty-first.

Durability and reliability

The first thing you should look for in dental equipment is durability and reliability. For an environment that’s subject to moisture and constant use, choose solid, proven equipment from a reputable brand that’s built to withstand the daily rigours of dentistry. Try these tests next time you’re in a dealer showroom or at a dental trade show:

  • Touch each piece of equipment to get a feel for how well it’s made
  • Move the armrest. Adjust the headrest
  • Sit down beside and behind the chair. Is it easy to position yourself close to the chair in each working position?
  • Recline while in the chair to determine the comfort
  • Check the motion. Is it bumpy, or quiet and smooth?
  • Notice if the equipment feels sturdy
  • Ask for the chair’s tested lifting capacity
  • Check that all parts fit well together and have easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Test the functionality of the delivery system, chair, and all components. Just as you would when buying a car, take it for a “test drive”.

A-dec can assist you by showing dental units set up in simulated surgery environments at its Sydney and Melbourne showrooms, and through the range of dental equipment also on display at A-dec dealer premises in all states. 

Contact A-dec on 1800 225 010 or visit: to find your nearest A-dec dealer.

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