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The Global G3 Microscope with video capture
The Global G3 Microscope with video capture

by Dr Paul Hagley, Darling Dental, Tamworth, NSW

I believe that it’s uncommon for general dental practitioners to use an operating microscope, even though they generally use some form of magnification or loupes. The additional expense of an operating microscope is sometimes seen as being prohibitive for an item that doesn’t make an income. However, I believe that an operating microscope is an essential addition to any practice.

What’s good about it

The major benefit—and the reason why I couldn’t work without an operating microscope—is that the excellent illumination and magnification gives you a phenomenal view of what you’re doing. Without a shadow of a doubt, it improves the quality and the consistency of the dentistry. And there’s not many places in the mouth that you can’t access.

I’m over 200 centimetres in height and it allows me to look straight ahead rather than down at an angle. I use the microscope in conjunction with a chair and it’s been wonderful for my posture. I maintain a straight back and neck all day long.

It takes a little while to get used to not looking directly at your hands but I found the transition was extraordinarily quick. I was able to confidently perform general restorative dentistry within a matter of two to three days.

Patients tend to be impressed by the microscope. They also like the fact that you are not invading their personal space quite so much.

What’s not so good

I prefer four-handed dentistry with the European-type console across the patient’s chest. In this situation, you have to train your staff to pass instruments into your field of view, which is quite a constricted zone. Occasionally, I have to look aside from the microscope, which is no big deal, but it’s nice when we’re in the groove and I can maintain my view through the microscope.

Where did you get it

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