Go Beyond. NSK Introduces the NEW Surgic Pro2 

Surgic Pro2 

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Introducing the Surgic Pro2, an evolution of the acclaimed Surgic Pro surgical micromotor system by NSK. Trusted by clinicians worldwide for implant placement, the NSK Surgic Pro has become an indispensable tool in daily practice. 

The Surgic Pro2 represents a remarkable innovation, designed to provide professionals with the best device for an effective, safe, and comfortable work experience. Discover the many compelling reasons to embrace the Surgic Pro2 and elevate your capabilities. 

What’s New? 

1. Improved Operability and Usability: The Surgic Pro2 features a more compact motor that enhances comfort and reduces stress during procedures. 

2. Safe and Sensitive Display: Its easy-to-clean screen and adjustable smart touch panel are usable even when wearing surgical gloves and barrier sheets. 

3. Wireless Control Pedal: Effortlessly control irrigation flow selection, program settings, rotation direction, and rotation speed with the wireless pedal. 

4. High-Resolution Colour: The LED light provides superior visibility, rendering blood and gingiva as if naturally lit. 

5. Silent and Smooth Irrigation Pump: Enjoy a quiet and efficient irrigation system for a more pleasant treatment environment. 

More Predictable Treatment 

The Surgic Pro’s success is due in part to the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) function, which ensures precise speed and torque control. The Surgic Pro2 surpasses this. It considers the condition of handpiece bearings and gear abrasion in its calibration, displaying even more accurate values. AHC minimizes discrepancies between the set torque value and actual output, leading to improved treatment outcomes.

Wireless Extensibility 

The Surgic Pro2 has evolved beyond a mere surgical micromotor; it now serves as a central interface for other primary surgical applications. 

Linked with a Wireless Foot Control 

Surgic Pro2 

Connect the Osseo 100+ and VarioSurg3 ultrasonic surgical unit to the Surgic Pro2 via Bluetooth, allowing the VarioSurg3 to be operated with the same wireless foot control. Values measured by the Osseo100+ can be simultaneously displayed on the Surgic Pro2, streamlining workflow and enhancing flexibility. Bluetooth connectivity eliminates concerns about cable length, and the lighter foot controller makes repositioning effortless. Customize the “Coolant Solution Flow Volume Button,” “Program Button,” and “Forward/Reverse Button” using the three installed buttons to suit your preferred mode of operation. The energy-efficient power supply, powered by three AAA batteries, lasts approximately six months and features a low-battery indicator. 

Linked with iPads 

Simplify patient and treatment data management during procedures with the NSK app. This app enables users to view, store, and access data externally, ensuring compliance with record-keeping standards. When connected to the control unit via the NSK iPad app, users can access real-time procedure information, including rotation speed and torque range, and save it for future reference. When paired with the Osseo 100+, the app allows data display and storage, enhancing traceability. This traceability system empowers professionals to personalize implant treatments, thereby improving procedure quality and effectiveness.

Ready to Go 

The Surgic Pro2 is available as an optic or non-optic complete set, comprising the control unit, micromotor, 20:1 implant contra-angle, wireless foot control, and accessories. The optic version is equipped with the X-SG20L titanium contra-angle handpiece, while the non-optic version comes with the SG20 stainless steel contra-angle handpiece. Both are ready for use without any additional configuration. 

Unlock the future of surgical precision with NSK’s Surgic Pro2. Elevate your practice to new heights today! Schedule your demo by contacting NSK at info@nskoceania.com.au or calling 1300 44 33 21.

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