Government $10,000 grants to help your business during the pandemic

financial assistance for businesses COVID-19

Many Australian SMEs, including dental practices, are fighting to keep heads above water as the pandemic plays out. In response, the government is issuing a series of refunds, waivers and now—in some states—$10,000 cash payments to provide fast relief to those eligible businesses affected by COVID-19.

For example, in NSW and Victoria, thousands of small businesses struggling to cope with the COVID-19 shutdown restrictions, can now apply for grants of up to $10,000 specifically to help them pay their utility bills and other unavoidable business and overhead costs. 

Fear not if your business is located in another state. There is a great deal of financial assistance on offer to SMEs wherever you are in Australia.

If your business could benefit from a cashflow injection that you don’t have to repay, visit this regularly updated guide on finder for a rundown. Alternatively, visit your state government’s website for the latest information.

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