Greens back dentists

Senator Richard Di Natale

Greens’ spokesperson for health, Richard Di Natale, has urged the government to stop targeting innocent dentists who have provided important services through the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme. The government has come under increasing pressure from the Opposition, the ADA, dentists and others because of Medicare’s determination to audit dentists who have used the program.

Senator Di Natale said that the reports of rorting are being beaten up and innocent dentists are being tarred with the same brush.

“It’s clear that a small number of dentists have behaved unethically and deserve to be penalised for their actions.”

“ A large number of dentists who have made minor administrative errors have been caught up in these audits and don’t deserve to be punished in the same way.”

In some cases dentists have provided important treatment to eligible patients but have not written a care plan, a minor administrative oversight.

“The CDDS has provided people with serious medical illnesses access to important dental treatment but I’m concerned that government is discrediting a worthwhile scheme as cover for its long-held plans to end it.”

“The government should be expanding Medicare funded dentistry rather than trying to undermine it.”


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