GuttaCore Obturator and ThermaPrep 2 Obturation Oven


by Dr Anju Fotedar, Ramsgate Dental Care, NSW

I’ve found that using GuttaCore and the ThermaPrep oven has made my root canal work much easier and provided fantastic results. It consistently ensures high-quality obturation.

What’s good about it

Once the obturator has been warmed in the oven, the gutta percha is very flowable and fills the root canals well with fewer voids. It definitely makes the job easier, faster and more effective.

The ThermaPrep oven heats the material very quickly and an audible alarm sounds when it reaches the right temperature.

While the number of root canals we do in our practice is variable, both these tools are employed in every case. The oven is very user-friendly and the GuttaCore is a wonderful material that fills the entire canal. It comes in packets that include five obturators and one nickel/titanium size verifier.

Using these two tools together is a simple and effective way of dealing with the vast majority of root canals. It’s also a great time saver.

What’s not so good

There was one small problem with the GuttaCore Obturator but they have already fixed it. It used to have a plastic carrier that was a bit hard. Now the whole thing is gutta percha material which makes it much easier to use.

Where did you get it


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