Hard-hitting campaign exposes the damaging effects of sugary drinks

sugary drinks

You wouldn’t eat 16 teaspoons of sugar, so why drink it? That’s the thought-provoking question asked in a new campaign delivering a sinister insight into how your family could look in the future—from your sister’s rotting teeth to your father’s unhealthy weight and your mother’s type 2 diabetes. 

The campaign is delivered by the Rethink Sugary Drink initiative, comprising of 19 like-minded health and community organisations including the Australian Dental Association, concerned about the excessive consumption of sugary drinks in Australia.

The advertisement, which will run across digital channels, begins with a family watching TV, focusing on a young girl about to take a sip from a sugary drink can. She tips the can upside down to reveal a steady stream of sugar spilling out. 

The scene quickly turns sinister, with threatening music as the girl watches her whole family hungrily devouring spoonfuls of pure sugar. The girl’s younger sister smiles at her, exposing a mouth full of rotten teeth.

It’s a salient message with Australia’s Oral Health Tracker revealing that just over 70 per cent of children aged nine to 13 years and approximately 73 per cent of 14-18-year-olds are consuming too much sugar. 

In tandem with the campaign, which will run for three weeks, Rethink Sugary Drink is urging governments to introduce tougher restrictions around the sale and marketing of sugary drinks to young people to tackle high consumption among Aussie teens. 

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  1. Having studied the positive effects of a low carb diet and the detrimental rise of metabolic syndrome due to excessive sugar/carbohydrate consumption, I applaud this latest campaign..especially if aimed at the younger generation


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