Helping health professionals communicate in the era of COVID-19

communicating COVID-19

Communicating COVID-19 is designed for a wide range of healthcare providers both in hospital and community settings and will help provide expert-informed answers to questions Australian health care practitioners face surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hospital clinicians, GPs, pharmacists, nursing and allied health staff, dentists, aged care workers, and disability care workers are all part of the intended audience. Elements of this course can be adapted for primary and secondary school teachers and for the general public.

Associate Professor Rosemary McKenzie, director of Teaching and Learning from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health says there is a need in both the general community and the healthcare community to deliver digestible, focused core knowledge on COVID-19 drawing on epidemiology, clinical science, ethics and legal expertise.

“While everyone is talking about COVID-19, healthcare professionals may feel underprepared to explain diverse, complex questions from patients, colleagues and the general public,” A/Professor McKenzie said.

“Healthcare professionals are trusted members of the community and by responding to questions about the pandemic they build confidence in the community.

“This course will empower participants to learn the language of the pandemic and at the same time to form responses simply and confidently,” A/Professor McKenzie added.

“Offered for free and online, this course is a genuine leap forward in better understanding COVID-19 and how to communicate it effectively. The topics we cover include the most basic of questions about masks and sneezing to discussions around the development of vaccines and the likely direction of the pandemic.”

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