How to choose the right dental practice software to support your new business.

choosing the right dental practice software

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When starting a new dental practice, it is essential that you find the right practice management software to support your business.  Comparing and contrasting practice management software can be a long and tricky process if you begin without a plan.  Here are five areas to inspect, each helping you select a tool that will empower your team for years to come.

Feature Set and Functionality

You need a software tool that combines functionality from multiple areas of your business while not skimping on quality in any of those areas.  The ideal selection for your practice will cover all your technology needs, meaning you won’t have to install multiple platforms. These features may include:

  • Appointment scheduling and reminders: If all staff members have access to a real-time calendar tracking all appointments, planning each day becomes significantly easier.
  • Online appointment scheduling: A portal for making or changing online bookings is a key part of a user-friendly customer experience.
  • SMS and email messaging: When staff can efficiently send messages and reminders to patients, that reduces the changes of people missing appointments or cancelling at the last minute.
  • Document management: The ability to find patient records, clinical notes and internal documents is a valuable time-saver that can increase the accuracy of treatment. You can scan paper files or work with entirely digital content.
  • Electronic claims: Managing insurance claims digitally enables you to expedite that process.
  • Data analysis and reporting: Generating reports from practice data is a great way to create strategies for more efficient, profitable operations.
  • Cloud connectivity: Practice management software hosted in the cloud grants personnel access from wherever they are, even across multiple offices.

By comparing such features to your practice’s needs, you can select the ideal software tool for your purposes.

choosing the right dental practice software

Ease of Use

When practice management software is hard to use, it can be difficult for a Practice Manager to convince employees to use it on a day-to-day basis, and the efficiency gains can be limited. This is why you should seek an intuitive option that combines a comprehensive feature set with a welcoming user interface.


When pondering the cost of a dental practice management software option, you should measure the price tag against the solution’s functionality. Getting the best possible value for your budget means selecting the product that best matches your practice’s needs. It is better to invest significantly in a fully featured tool that will drive ROI than to miss out on key functionality.

Training and Support

With all the specialised work you and your staff contribute daily, it’s unfair to also require you to be IT experts. Ideal dental practice management software will therefore come with continued support and training from the developer.

You should ensure your chosen software provider is easily accessible by phone or online when a problem arises. The system will be the backbone of your practice, so help when you need it is essential.

Security and Compliance

As a dental practice, you must manage patient files that contain medical histories and personal information. Your chosen practice management solution must therefore meet the Australian Dental Association’s standards for data security. 

Ensuring that your practice management software suits the needs of your new business is essential and at Centaur– the home of Dental4Windows and Dental4Web – our team are here to help. Call us today on 1300 855 966.

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