i3 Sterile filter – now available in Australia

i3 sterile water membrane filter
A filter that protects patients from infection

i3 sterile water membrane filter for dental treatment units and medical device reprocessing.

The i3 ONE point-of-use sterile filter is used in medical settings to prevent infections caused by bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and mycobacteria. It is used on the water faucet for the sterile filtration of public water. The water filter protects patients receiving medical treatment from infection due to waterborne pathogens.

The i3 FOUR inline sterile filter is installed to ensure the sterile filtration of public water in the inflow tubes of devices and instruments, such as dental treatment units and water bottles. The interplay between the sterile filtration and the suitable chemical additives guarantees a microbiologically safe use of dental treatment units. The i3 bacteria filter is installed within the water supply, behind the angle valve and before the treatment unit.

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