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Iconic Dentistry

Opulent and lavishly appointed, Iconic Dentistry takes patient comfort to a new level. By Frank Leggett

Iconic Dentistry in Perth, which opened in 2019, reveals how opulent a dental clinic can be in Australia. Looking more like a five-star hotel, this practice utilises comfort and luxury to provide clients with an indulgent experience. The reception area is a large, sumptuous space filled with relaxing gold-gilt chairs, billowing curtains, rich carpet and textured wallpaper. Three ornate chandeliers gently illuminate a grand piano positioned near the reception desk. The attention to detail in joinery, walls and stairs is faultless.

“I’ve always appreciated exquisite craftsmanship and consider it part of our profession,” explains owner and principal dentist Dr Michael Chan. “The inspiration for the look of my practice came from the architecture of historic buildings in Europe. I thought, if it could be done 100 years ago, why can’t it be done today?”

Going beyond

The design of the practice also incorporates various elements that enhance the total client experience—even if they aren’t immediately apparent.

“The entire clinic is acoustically designed,” says Dr Chan. “We had sound engineers create the same acoustic properties of a concert hall. All our clinical rooms are sound isolated to a high degree. Lighting engineers ensured that all the clinical spaces have no shadows and no glare. These are elements that clients don’t see but feel.”

With five surgeries, the practice is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic for dentists and staff. All the treatment spaces are identical with the floor area in each maximised. This eliminates the feeling of being closed-in and future proofs the entire clinic.

Iconic Dentistry
Iconic Dentistry owner Dr Michael Chan

“We designed every space so dentists, staff and auxiliary personnel can function at their best,” says Dr Chan.

Second business

Growing up in Perth, Dr Chan graduated in dentistry from the University of Western Australia in 2002. He first worked in government dental clinics and then completed a graduate certificate in Advanced Clinical Dentistry at the University of Adelaide. After purchasing his first private practice in Perth, he completed a Master’s of Aesthetic Dentistry at Kings College in London. Dr Chan has been regularly travelling to London since 2014. He’s a post-grad tutor at King’s College as well as a research supervisor for the master’s students.

Dr Chan started offering facial injectables to complement his cosmetic dentistry. As this procedure became increasingly popular, he went on to gain a degree in dermal therapy from the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science to better understand all elements of skin.

Having outgrown his first practice, he found a large empty site—once a supermarket—that would become Iconic Dentistry. From the outset, Dr Chan planned to include a secondary clinic specialising in skincare and advanced facial rejuvenation. Iconic Medispa operates under the same roof as Iconic Dentistry. The two businesses are completely separate but share ideologies and clients.

Dr Chan used the talents of architect Nicola Gibson to design and plan the entire clinic as well as the interior design. Gibson positioned five dental surgeries and four Medispa clinic rooms alongside the steri, OPG, lab, staff amenities, waiting and reception to maximise space, patient and staff function and flow.

“Michael and his wife, Marina, who founded the multi-award-winning Iconic Medispa cosmetic clinic, were keen on creating the feel of a boutique five-star hotel,” says Gibson of Nicola Gibson Architect. “They sourced all the ornate furniture, mirrors, chandeliers and the grand piano. Both Michael and Marina are brilliant at what they do. The experience of visiting the dental practice, attending a conference or being treated at the Medispa allows you to feel very special, surrounded by an interesting, professional and beautiful space.”

Client crossover

“We often get crossover patients,” says Dr Chan. “A client might come in for their Medispa skin treatment and then need a dentist. We’ve already developed a relationship with them so they also become our dental patient. It happens the other way around, too.”

Iconic Dentistry

The opulent practice attracts wealthy clientele and local celebrities. At the same time, a good proportion of the practice’s clients are middle-class patients, as well as those from lower socio-economic demographics.

“All of our clients are just people who want treatment in a place they can trust,” says Dr Chan. “They want the best outcome possible for their teeth, smile and oral health.”

Learning experience

As well as owning two businesses, Dr Chan operates a training centre in his practice. Organised through the Academy of Dental Excellence, he holds lectures and provides clinical training to dentists. He also runs the Postgraduate Diploma for Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry which leads to a master’s degree awarded by the University of Portsmouth in the UK. It’s a distance learning program overseen by Dr Chan.

By positioning Iconic Dentistry and Iconic Medispa under one roof, Dr Chan has created a unique business model. Many other dental practices include skincare in their services but Dr Chan has taken it to a new, luxurious level. The interior decor is eye-catching, opulent and memorable but it’s also so much more.

“It’s a place where people can feel comfortable,” says Dr Chan. “It’s a warm, friendly environment. When you walk in, you’re greeted with an inclusive family feel where everyone is welcome.”

While the look, feel and aesthetics of a clinic are important, it’s the quality of the dentistry that keeps patients coming back. Dr Chan and his team of six dentists, 14 support staff and six skin clinic staff are kept busy and their client list is ever-expanding. According to Dr Chan, some patients drive up to five hours for an appointment. 

“In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what a practice looks like,” says Dr Chan. “Ultimately, it boils down to the quality of the work and the professionalism of the staff. At Iconic Dentistry, our intention is to treat our patients like royalty and we wanted the decor to reflect that.”   

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