Tools of the trade: IguanaMed scrubs


IguanaMed scrubsby Dr Jamie Workman, PK Richardson Dental, Maroubra NSW

I’ve tried a number of different scrubs and the IguanaMed scrubs brand is, by far, the best. They are made in the USA and Monkey Drawers Scrubs is one of the few Australian suppliers that carry the brand.

What’s good about it?

These scrubs are slightly flexible and move with your body. A lot of the scrubs I’ve tried have been very rigid, but these just flow with your body movement. They claim to use comfort-stretch technology, which I’m guessing is just some spandex or elastic combined with the material, but the results are fantastic. They are the most comfortable scrubs I’ve ever worn.

They’re made of a light but sturdy material that breathes with your body. Whether it’s a boiling hot day or if I’m in an air-conditioned surgery, I always feel cool and comfortable. This is very much appreciated when I have a busy day with a lot of surgery. I’ll be standing, sitting and moving around constantly but I never feel uncomfortable.

I wear these scrubs every day and own about six pairs. I was raving about them so much that some of the nurses at my practice now wear them too. They come in a wide range of colours and different designs. I usually wear the most simple design for the top (style 5450), which has a single pocket to carry pens and things and the basic pant (style 5300) to complement it. There are no special cleaning instructions and they don’t even require ironing, which is a big plus. Not only are these the best scrubs on the market, in my opinion, but they cost about the same as most other brands.

What’s not so good?

The only problem is that Monkey Drawers don’t always have the size and colour you want in stock for immediate delivery. This being the case, it can take four to six weeks for the scrubs to be delivered as they are shipped from America.

Where did you get it?

Monkey Drawers Scrubs (

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