by Dr Vas Srinivasan, Invisible Orthodontics, Hervey Bay, QLD

The iLase is a cordless laser that runs off a rechargeable battery.

What’s good about it
When the gum is covering a tooth and you need to do an orthodontic bracketing or attachment, the iLase can get the job done in 10 minutes using only topical anaesthetic. You just numb the patient and clean up the gingival margins straight away.

There is no need to use a scalpel and very little bleeding. Healing is tremendously fast and post-operative pain is negligible. Patients usually comment about the lack of pain after their procedure. There’s no need for any antibiotics and patients can return to work or school straight after the appointment.

This laser allows a dentist to perform procedures that would have been referred to a surgeon in the past. It means that complicated cases can be completed in one sitting. This, of course, works out cheaper for the patient.

The only pain for practitioners in Queensland is the need to get a licence from Queensland Health to own and operate a laser or X-ray equipment. It adds a ridiculous amount of paperwork and cost, and is not required in any other state in Australia.

Despite this, it’s a no brainer. I believe that every practice should have a laser.

What’s not so good
If you’re working on a significant exposure of a tooth, the handpiece can overheat and will just stop until it cools down. We don’t book long appointments to do the exposure—usually only 10 or 20 minutes—so it would be great if I could keep working non-stop.

Where did you get it
Dental Axess.

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