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Inline imaging technology
Dr Jalal Khan, Oral Physician, The Dental Station

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INLINE Imaging Technology specialises in supplying and installing high-end imaging technology products and solutions to the dental sector. We focus solely on imaging systems and solutions, Dental CBCT, OPG & CEPH Systems, X-rays and Microscopes, and with over 25 years of experience can confidently claim to be experts in the field of dental imaging technology. 

Why NewTom GiANO HR – the complete hybrid Cone Beam CT?

“Purchasing the Giano HR has been a fabulous investment for my practice. The machine is high quality, has a large field of view and I’ve had no hiccups with the hardware or software. I’ve been particularly impressed with the high resolution, the multi-OPG functionality (with the same dose) and the software’s features,” says Dr Jalal Khan.

“I’ve always heard that purchasing a CBCT machine would be a great addition to a practice. It was really nice to see that this is certainly the case. With high quality diagnostic imaging onsite, the patient uptake on treatment plans has been faster, it’s a great communication tool and it leads to patients going ahead with treatment they may have otherwise delayed. When patients can see their issues on screen in 3D, they become empowered to take the next step.”

Here’s an example of how NewTom GiANO HR specifically assisted an immediate, accurate diagnosis and expedited effective treatment for Dr Khan:

“A new patient came in for a routine examination, scale and clean. I noted a missing lower first molar and raised the idea of restoring this gap. Having gone through the various treatment options and their associated pros/cons, the patient decided to further explore the idea of an implant-supported crown. We were able to take a CBCT on the spot to assess bone volume and density. With the imaging available on the spot, it resulted in faster case acceptance which resulted in the patient beginning treatment earlier than would otherwise happen if the imaging was done off-site.

“The sales, installation and initial software support was seamless. I would certainly purchase from Inline again.”

Dr Jalal Khan, Oral Physician, The Dental Station

Inline imaging technology

Why VGi EVO – The New Reference of Cone Beam CT

For more than 12 years, Dr Ballard has used NewTom’s Cone Beam CT solutions, which has enabled him to operate four successful orthodontist practices in Sydney and regional NSW.

Dr Ballard recently took delivery of his fourth NewTom CBCT unit, the NewTom VGi EVO replacing Dr Ballard’s first VGi unit, which was installed in 2009 and provided faultless service and high scan volumes.  NewTom’s VGi EVO is the complete Maillofacial/ENT CBCT offering a broad range of FOV’s for acquisitions up to 24 x 19cm and a wide range of volumetric, panoramic and teleradiographic examinations as well as dynamic X-rays for perfect diagnosis in all situations.

“This machine is the Ferrari of cone beams: it’s neat, tidy, clean, fast, easy, and provides super performance.”

“I think NewTom is the best equipment in Australia,” said Dr Ballard. “We operate a digital practice with technology that has to run smoothly, save time, and integrate seamlessly with all our systems. The NewTom does all those things, and it contributes to running an efficient practice and an efficient practice means we can achieve more, in less time. I’d give the machine an A+. Actually, it’s a double A+. There is absolutely no downside to using the NewTom.”

Dr Darin Ballard, Specialist Orthodontist

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