Intensiv Proxostrips


by Dr Erna Melton, The Trower Road Dental Surgery, Casuarina, NT


Proxostrips are diamond coated finishing strips for interproximal use. They’re great for taking off overhangs or making space in between teeth if it’s a little tight when placing a matrix band. They’re also used for finishing the edges of fillings. I first started using them when our sales rep swore blind that I would like them better than what I was using at that time. He was absolutely right.

What’s good about it

Each strip contains two grit sizes. One end is rough at 40 micros and one end is smooth at 15 microns.

They have good handles that makes them easy to hold. They don’t have sharp edges like other brands that lead to lacerated gums, cheeks and lips. Patient response can be a little negative as nobody likes having their teeth sawed with diamond-coated strips. However they like them better if they don’t go home with cuts.

Despite being smaller in size and finer in grade, they are extremely tough. You can put a lot of force on them without them snapping or breaking. They are also autoclavable. Depending on how vicious you are with them, it’s possible to get a few uses out of each strip.

Proxostrips might be just an old idea with a new twist but they are simply much better than any other strips on the market.


What’s not so good

They’re a bit expensive, particularly if you are only going to use each strip once. They work out at about $20 each.


Where did you get it

Quinn Dental


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