Intraoral Cameras – the key to effective Patient Communication

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The intraoral camera is a valuable tool in the dental practice. As in life, seeing is believing. Communication with patients is enhanced with the utilisation of the intraoral camera. Supporting treatment plans and highlighting oral health issues in a non-technical manner greatly enhances the acceptance rate of patients. The camera is a useful tool in highlighting oral health issues, sharing that information, and educating the patient in what is required to address those issues.


One of the most difficult things to communicate to patients involves cracks around existing restorations, including large amalgam fillings or deep cracks on virgin teeth. Superficial cracks can sometimes be asymptomatic which makes it difficult for patients to understand the potential consequences of leaving these cracks untreated. Visualising the crack supports the treatment plans, which in turn greatly enhances patient acceptance.


Tooth decay has never been demonstrated more clearly than by using intraoral cameras. Radiographs give our patients an idea of the extent of tooth decay. However, the impact is enhanced if the patient can visualise the extent of the decay or alternatively be shown where there is decay starting. Using the camera throughout the treatment plan gives a visual representation of the caries excavation process. Allowing the patient to understand the extent of the decay may lead to more extensive treatment processes like root canal therapy or extraction. 


The intraoral camera is also useful when discussing a patients oral health issue with colleagues or referring to a specialist. Images can be reviewed or sent to specialists for consultation prior to or as part of the treatment plan. 

Future Reference

The images and videos that the intraoral camera produces are mostly of high quality. As a result, they come in handy when it comes to documentation or for future reference. Most can save the images to a patients file for future reference.


The images and videos from the intraoral camera are valuable for educational purposes. The pictures and videos are of high quality, and you can see the mouth cavity in detail. It can be used to educate you or other patients in matters dealing with dental health such as the diseases that can affect the mouth and how to properly take care of the mouth. The images can also be used to educate you on the progress of various conditions as well as providing images of before and after a scale and clean to help educate the patient on Oral Hygiene.  


One thing about the dental camera that cannot be overlooked is the comfort for both the patient and the dentist. The intraoral camera is non invasive with its slender design and easily fits into the oral cavity without gagging or overstretching your mouth for a proper examination. 

Professionals Tool

The dental camera speaks of your professionalism as a practitioner as it easily allows you to communicate the way forward with treatment plans for your patient and is a must for every surgery. 

Image Quality

Most intraoral cameras these days are capable of Full HD just like your smart TV. It is essential that your computer and monitor are capable of Full HD as well get the best high quality images.  

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