Introducing a new collective for women in dentistry

women in dentistry

Hoping to empower and inspire women in dentistry through awareness, enhancing leadership skills, and meaningful connections, periodontist-in-training Dr Tiffany Chen has founded The Cusp Collective.

Its first inaugural event, a dental conference catering to the unique experiences of women in the profession, is being held on the Gold Coast in May.

Dr Chen said she’d long been aware of “the many challenges women face in a deeply patriarchal society”, but that it wasn’t until she started postgraduate training in periodontics with a three-month-old baby that she felt compelled to act.

“Women need to be appropriately supported to thrive at work and at home,” Dr Chen said.

“Too often business and leadership talks do not consider, nor have a profound understanding of, the female experience.”

As an antidote to a “world of male leaders”, Dr Chen has established the collective as “a space for women to flourish and succeed in the ways that matter to them”.

And the first step to realising this vision is the conference taking place at Sofitel Gold Coast on 11 & 12 May. 

For more information and to register, visit

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